Procrastireader Lover of lost souls

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No amount of verbose thoughts could define her. A living contradiction--lives in this world but not a mundane.
She's the only angel that got away.

This blog infuses her inner thoughts and reveals her secret garden. Her writings summed up the bewilderment of her world. A precarious hue but an encourager as well.

She is Mae. \m/
A daughter of the Star-breather.
Welcome to her balmy world! This blog divulges her own paradise.

Please let me in, I can mend your broken heart.


“Beware of a person who writes,
A person who can paint portraits by stringing letters together.
They will reveal to you the million colours that blend together to create the ink in your eyes,
Or the truth hidden behind the bars of the cages in your chest.
They will make you feel sorrow even if you forgot you had a heart,
They will make you feel comfort while you’re alone behind your castle walls.
They will make you come back for more,
They will not let you leave.”

(via searching-stillsearching)

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